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Season 9 is now available on Netflix.

Netflix’s first original season of Trailer Park Boys, season 8, was pretty successful in my opinion. It hewed closer to the series’ roots in quasi-comedy than the later, more outlandish pre-cancellation seasons, and continued the development of characters in a meaningful way, despite the show’s natural endpoint from Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys being more or less ignored.

Season 9, while teetering back towards the Conky/Steve French end of the cartoonish spectrum, luckily maintains the heart and profane wit that’s at the core of the show.

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Ricky, Bubbles, and Julian — the three most wanted men in the Sunnyvale trailer park.

Trailer Park Boys has been a cult hit since it first hit Canadian airwaves in April of 2001. A continuation of director/creator Mike Clattenburg’s 1999 mockumentary film, it actually debuted before The Office (July 2001), which would later prove to be a more influential, though far inferior, series. However, due to the massive amount of swearing and drug use, the series was never broadcast in any wide capacity in the US, so anyone who was interested in it had to make a blind jump into buying the DVDs released here, and this is not a show that’s particularly welcoming when you start watching it.

Now, after an announcement that new seasons will be produced exclusively for Netflix, their streaming service has the entire series, two movies, and a couple of specials available for all good ol’ red-blooded Americans who want to watch a sitcom where people are regularly shot.

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